Between Sports and Illustration

Sports and Arts are both  part of my life.

I believe that everyone is given a special gift that some people call “talent”. Growing up, I realized that I was good in sports and drawing. So I decided to use my gifts and develop them throughout my life.

Illustration for me is something that has no limits, no boundaries. It frees your imagination by transforming ideas into something real which is the artwork. While comics is another communication tool. It allows you to give life to stories and characters.

In sports, I decided to focus on one sport: Athletics, and took training very seriously. I’ve been training since I was 12, even before, and it is something that will forever be part of my life. It opened many doors to me including a sports media career.

My long term goal is to combine my two passions and create something new. I am currently working on a comic book on three Arab women who marked the history of Sports.

Check out my portfolio as an Illustrator and Comic artist as well as my life as an athlete and personal blog. Enjoy it! 🙂